Our standard package includes web and email hosting, Zuluru administration, DNS and domain registration. This is everything that a small organization requires to operate on a day-to-day basis. (For more information about the specifics of these, please see the Services page.) There are two options for pricing of this package. You will be charged whichever of these options costs you less. An estimate will be made at the beginning of the billing cycle, and any difference will be billed or refunded once final numbers are known.

All prices are in Canadian dollars.

Option 1: Per-team pricing

Annual fee of $250 plus $20*/team.

Organizations that operate only on one night in a single season are most likely to benefit from this plan.

* Per-team price is based on a typical roster size of 15 players. If your sport or organization has different requirements, a different per-team price can be negotiated.

Option 2: Per-member pricing

Annual fee of $250 plus $1.50/member.

Organizations that operate on multiple nights and/or during multiple seasons, and therefore have many members who play on more than one team, are most likely to benefit from this plan. Note that this is only available to organizations that use member registration and/or roster-tracking features, as these are how we determine the number of members.

Remember, you don't have to pick one of these options, you will be billed whichever is more advantageous to you!


For a limited time, there is no charge for initial site configuration, database setup, transfer of domain registration, creation of email accounts, etc. If you have an existing membership database, we can usually convert that for you with no loss of data, on an hourly basis.


Charges may apply for requested customizations. These are handled on a case-by-case basis, and are typically decided based on whether the changes are broadly applicable and benefit many clients. No billable work is ever done without the client approving a quote.

Site Design and CMS Integration

Due to the highly variable nature of these types of projects, there is no way to set a fixed price. However, for a limited time, we are offering discounts from our standard hourly rate on any such work.

Payment Plans

We understand that this is typically a business with seasonal highs and lows in your revenue stream, and will work with you to find a convenient billing period.